MIssion statement

The main objective of CLG is to provide humanitarian services to individuals, families and communities in need.

We help underserved communities through public education, training, improving medical care, and providing access to clean water and sanitation.

This is achieved by strengthening clinics, hospitals, orphanages and care centers, along with other unique activities that help to improve the quality of life here in Utah, the U.S., Mexico, Central and South America.


What We've Achieved


Medical Missions

  • Provided medical equipment for rural clinics and hospitals in Mexico, Central & South America.

  • Provided medical training to doctors, nurses and technicians.

Orphanages and Care Centers

  • Provided service to the structure of their complex; including repair of property.

  • Provided beds, bedding, clothing, school supplies and if needed, food supply.

  • Provided access to public education and local training.

  • Provided equipment, such as wheel chairs, to retirement and care centers.

Water & Sanitation 

  • Built wells for drinkable water in rural towns throughout the Hispanic American Continent.

  • Built restrooms for public use.

  • Provided education on health, sanitation, and disease prevention.

Education & Training

  • Aided children and young adults with access to public education, uniforms & school supplies.

Public Local Services

  • Provide Christmas for 500 underprivileged families in Utah.

  • Provide Mother's Day celebration for 400 women in local shelters.

  • Donate furniture, clothing and food to Refugee Families in Utah.