Melissa Schaefer


Melissa Schaefer has a degree in International Business and Accounting.  Ms. Schaefer donated her time at the Changing Lives Globally Mother’s Day Event and adopted families for CLG’s Christmas program for several years. 

In 2014, Ms. Schaefer retired as the Global Retail Executive of a Top 50 technology company where she ran Fortune 500 Companies Commerce Sites and was responsible for  the global research and strategy for the retail industry.  

After retirement, Ms. Schaefer wanted to spend her time helping the under privilege in her community and abroad.    She was asked to join the CLG board in 2016.  Ms. Schaefer is passionate about the benefits that CLG provides to the under privilege because she personally benefited as an under priviedlge teen in Ohio, where she was raised.   She is passionate about mentoring the under privilege teenage population and help them succeed in obtaining a high school and college education. 

She currently mentors a refugee family from Burundi, whom she met at a Changing Lives Global Event 5 years ago.   This family  has become part of her own.   She is married and has three children.